Weather Simple is exactly that; a simple and beautifully designed mobile weather app for your iPhone.


Detailed forecast descriptions, stunning icons, and rich typography set Weather Simple apart from other complicated weather apps. Weather Simple uses reliable forecasting data from the National Weather Service that is accurate, timely, and within 1 mile from your desired location.

Weather Simple is built to be accessible – easy to navigate and optimized for VoiceOver. We are currently updating the app to support Dynamic Text and Smart Invert for iOS 11. 

When it comes to your current conditions or weekly forecast, sometimes simple is better. If you like a no-nonsense, attractive app, then Weather Simple is for you.
— Sandy Stachowiak,
Living up to its name, Weather Simple is detailed yet simple weather reporting.
I’ve seen more stylish apps but its speed and convenience goes a long way to counteracting that.
— Jennifer Allen,
I love it! Clean, clear, easy to understand. Pulls no punches.
— Pete Bouchard, WHDH Chief Meteorologist
This app finally puts the current weather and forecast into words. It’s so well designed and intuitive.
— Tony Capozzi, Capozzi Design